Q: In which languages can I get guided tours?
All our guides are fluent in Swedish and English. We can arrange guided tours in other languages on request.

Q: Where is the pick up place?
At your hotel, a ferry terminal, an airport or other location. On agreement we might also ask you to go to one of the hotels we use as starting points. Pick up is set from 1 hour before the tour starts.

Q: How do i pay?
You can buy your the tour from on of the featured travel websites. Or contact us to book the tour, and then pre-pay or pay during the tour.

Q: Is there a minimum number of passengers for a tour to start?
We try accommodate all requests, but for some tours there is a minimum number of passengers. Please contact us for further information. 

Q: How large groups do you take on the tours?
4-100  Often and recommend, one guide per group of 25 people.

Q: How is the accessibility for wheelchairs on the tours ?
Due to limited space on our ordinary tours there is no possibility to bring wheelchairs. Please contact us for fully customizable tours were we can arrange for accessible cars.

Q: Do I need an extra travel insurance?
Insurance is provided – all our transporters has a separate insurance for each commercial vehicle.Questions, please contact us!