The Farm Tour

Wheat field

If your interested in modern farming, this is a tour for you. Modify it to suit your interests.

Granby farm is situated in an agricultural landscape unchanged for centuries. To this heritage Granby farm brings modern farming technology. Sweden is known for ethical livestock farming, with good housing for the animals and low use of antibiotics. It is also in the frontline in techniques for grain production with modern mechanical equipment.

The tour can be modified to suit your area of interest. Granby farm has a production of grain, rapeseed and meet, and keeps a live stock of Charolais cows. If you´re interested in sheep, hens or production of milk, we can arrange visits to nearby farms.

Granby farm is a center for knowledge exchange about modern agriculture and can arrange group tours and conferences for farming companies.

Contact for availability:| phone +46 (0)8 6123005