Swedish History Tour

Painting of Gustav Wasa

The history of Sweden is brought to life on this guided tour through the beautiful landscape of Markim-Orkesta north of Stockholm.

Visit Granby

The Markim-Orkesta region was nominated as a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its pristine farm structure. It is also known for its many viking era relics.

We stop at Granby were we find the famous “Granbyhällen” – the large stone with Swedens longest runic inscription in solid rock, and the remaining foundation of a Viking magnates house.

There are also well preserved soldier- and craft cottages from the 18th century. We look inside “Granbylund”, a typical example of a traditional Swedish red cottage.

At the tour we make a stop at Hökeriet – a cozy bistro where you can buy Swedish handicraft and try locally produced foods. www.hokeriet.se

Visit Vasakullen or Husby gårds museum


On Vasakullen (the Vasa hill) you find the remains of a stone house built around the year 1450. Sigrid Eskilsdotter, the grandmother of the famous Swedish king Gustav Vasa, live here in the late 1400s. It is believed that Gustav Vasa was borne here. There is also a mansion built in the 1700s.

Husby gårds museum in Markim is the home of a landowner from the last century. It has been turned into a museum and here you can experience how the wealthier rural residents lived during this time.

Vasakullen and Husby gårds museum have varying availability, it will depend on the tour date which one we visit.

Visit Medieval churches

All of the parishes – Markim, Frösunda and Orkesta – have their own medieval church. The churches are famous for their medieval artefacts and 15th century wall paintings. On the tour we visit one of them. (They have varying availability.)

To visit more than one church in the area, please contact us for a private tour.

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