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Reviews, Viking History Tour:

January 2018
This was a great tour to get around the different sites to learn about Viking history. Despite the weather being rainy and cold, it was a great trip and would highly recommend!

Amanda C

December 2017
Amazing tour! Just beware many of the stops are muddy during the rainy season!

Denise Carlin

October 2017
Very interesting tour and a great guide!

Scott B

September 2017
This was a wonderful experience! We loved our guide, we think his name was Unger and his knowledge of the Viking history with regards to the churches, people and the rune stones. He could actually read some of the letters on them! It was great to be able to choose from several places for lunch in Sigtuna and what great views and terrific food! Excellent tour. He picked us up at our hotel and then dropped us off at a museum we talked about visiting later that day. That does not happen in many other tours.


April 2017
Great value, great guide, and a TON of Swedish history!

Jeffrey B

April 2017
Eine sehr gute Führung. Man konnte nur ein Stückchen außerhalb von Stockholm etwas vom Land sehen, und durch die ausgezeichnete Reiseleitung viel Hintergrundinformation erfahren. Eine Reise auf den Spuren der Wikinger. Wirklich sehr empfehlenswert.

Karin W

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Reviews, Viking History Extended Tour:

January 2018
Great day trip. Smooth pick up and nice little bus to take us around. The tour guide was excellent, kept us all entertained and educated. The areas we visited were beautiful and intriguing. Nice stop for refreshments and very impressed by the old stones and countryside.


October 2017
Thanks to our expert guide Urban. We learned a lot in this tour although I felt it is an Medieval historical tour more than Viking tour. We had a lot of information and understood more about the viking.

maher i

September 2017
Urban, the guide was incredible. His knowledge of the runes, the Viking travels, the royal families, and other tidbits was great. He was actually early for our pickup, and everyone else was early also, so had a good start. We were together for over 8 hours, and there was very seldom a time when he was not giving us some information. He has a good sense of humor. One of the best tours we have taken.


August 2017
This was a great trip, even in the rain. Countryside was beautiful and the guide like his history and enjoyed telling the tales of it.

Mary S

August 2017
It was a very interesting day. I learned a lot about the Vikings and especially the Runes that they left behind. I chose this trip to get out into the Swedish countryside and experience smaller cities besides Stockholm. I was not disappointed. Urban was an excellent guide. I would have liked to have visited the Viking Museum in Gamla Uppsala. Perhaps that will be another trip.


August 2017
Excellent guide, very kind, a lot of knowledge of the subject, spoke perfect English. Tour was very through and very illustrative of all viking/ Swedish history. Great lunch break in nature seeing traditional Swedish. One of my best experiences with tours.

Ishel B

July 2017
A long day – something like 9 hours door to door – but absolutely fascinating, very well organized and highly recommended. Our guide/driver Urban really knew his stuff and, despite some rain, we had a memorable day. My wife, who studied the Vikings at university, was especially thrilled to stand in the stone circle of a Thing, where Viking villagers would have assembled.

Another highlight for us was fika coffee and pastries – a Swedish speciality at a beautiful old farmhouse, followed by a visit to a nearby longhouse and then a gentle drive along quiet country roads, with Viking sites all around. Old Uppsala, with huge burial mounds, is a very special place, reminiscent of Silbury Hill in England.

We had high hopes of this tour, based on reviews on TripAdvisor, and I’m delighted to say that they were fully met. Booking through Viator went very smoothly. Good value too!

Michael B

May 2017
Urban is an outstanding guide who blends an enthusiasm for Sweden’s history, a sense of humor, and a comfortable Mercedes minibus to create an entertaining and eduvpcational day trip. We thought the tour was just Sigtuna and Uppsala, but made several other stops to take in important historic rune stones and settlements. All in, an amazing experience. Thanks again, Urban!

Craig J

May 2017
After reading some of the prior reviews and taking the tour, I believe if you are looking for a cheesy Hollywood Viking tour that will entertain you with fluff for eight hours straight, this is not your tour. However, if you are looking for a deep history of the Vikings and the areas inhabited by the Vikings north of Stockholm while seeing these famous sites first-hand, this is most certainly your tour. Urban is a wonderful tour guide who takes absolute care of his guests. He has a deep knowledge of Viking lore and history while providing his own narrative on things that he thinks the history books may have gotten wrong. He has clearly done this for quite a while as he is precise and thorough in his agenda throughout the tour. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get out of Stockholm for a day to see these sites first-hand and learn about the Viking era.

Michael R

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